Battle Of Blood

Allan and Mick Lewis have won every event they have attended over the last few years. The father and son duo are known for setting the detailing standard in Scotland and even the UK. Their Focus RS and XR2 Fiesta are arguably to a higher standard than the day they were produced by Ford. Both vehicles are a credit to the guys who’s spend hundreds of hours cleaning and rebuilding every detail of the cars.

But for the first time they will go head to head. In a special separate award provided by the team here at the Aberdeen Performance Car Show to finally see who is best!

The cars will be looked over by a team of selected secret judges just to make sure there is no bias of any sorts.

Then we can finally settle the debate, once and for all, of who is the true Show n shine Champion.

Make sure you get along to see both these amazing machines on September 29th, and grab your tickets using the link below!

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