Grampian Forest Rally

The Grampian Forest Rally takes place on August 10th in Banochary and surrounding areas.

This amazing spectacle is an essential for any local motoring enthusiast to attend. With the weather shaping up to a good one you certainly don’t want to miss this action packed event.

With both local heros, and national alike, going absolutely all out for the event win, you will be amazed at the speed these fearless teams carry on gravel roads. With cars ranging over a massive spectrum there’s something for everyone to see.

The Aberdeen Performance Car Show team will be in the service park with a vehicle chatting to everyone and handing out flyers. If you want to chat to our guys to find out any more information then don’t be shy to stop by and say hello.
The Stonehaven and district motor club who help organise this event will then be attending our event with some of these very rally cars.

So if you don’t make the rally then be sure to chat to the guys on the 29th of September at our event. Grab your tickets below.

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