Lewis’ Special R34

We love proper Japanese 90’s cars and Lewis’s R34 is something special from the local scene.

Lewis Purchased the 34 through JM Imports in 2011 from Japan

After visiting Japan a lot, Lewis got speaking with car friends in Tokyo and they helped him purchase a Nur spec engine c/w HKS2530KAI turbos tomei manifolds V-Cam Modified baffled sump with updated ancillaries.

On receipt of the parts JM Imports installed and had the car mapped to 516WHP (600+BHp) .

The car was then fitted with Falcon brakes, Ohlins suspension, a Do-Luck cage, and the interior re-trimmed in leather and Alcantara.

This car is something special and we suspect will be a hit with local car spotters. Make sure you get your tickets now using the link below…

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