Remap Aberdeen Onboard!

We are delighted to announce Remap Aberdeen as one of our main supporters!

Remap Aberdeen are a local company who specialise in improving your vehicle regardless what you drive. Offering DPF solutions and EGR delete systems they are all about looking after you and your personal vehicle.

Remap Aberdeen offer commercial solutions alongside your personal vehicle which can improve your miles per gallon as-well as increased performance.

Richard and the team work with a number of local garages over the northeast, so if you are in the motortrade and would be interested in using their service commercially, please get in touch with the team at our event.

Possibly the best thing about these guys is that should you not like the effects of the remap or you’re looking to restore your car to the manufacturer’s settings for selling purposes, then it can be reversible. A copy of the original file is kept in house and can be reinstalled if you needed!

Offering an amazing deals on the day make sure you head over to see Richard and the team: https://www.remapaberdeen.co.uk/

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